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I am a Natural Doctor but I prefer to be called a healer, titles are for the EGO minded , I am a humble person that is interested in healing you .

I believe that your body is equipped with the tools you need for healing any illness. We work with your electromagnetic body the one who gives life to the physical body so that your own energetic field will heal your ailment along with herbs , candles and meditation and natural acupuncture.

I heal any type of pain as long as you have not been operated on, your knee for instance can be repaired with Radical acupuncture  without the need of laser rays . We are affordable and want to help, you don't need insurance I will finance your treatment whether you have money or not I will render you the services that you need.

Meditation , visualization and an active imagination are also great tools to improve your health . We teach you if you don't know for free.

Going back to nature is rewarding, you can be healed in a matter of hours  by using our treatments that by the way will cost you nearly nothing you will be able to empower yourself back to health, I also do home health care in case you can not come see me I will go to you wherever you are here in Texas or fly where you reside out of State

We are energy , sound , frequency and vibration ! I have introduced a sound healing therapy to my treatments that reestructures your cellular pattern . Sound can change the information stored in your DNA , the cellular structure listens to sound and also to your thoughts they decode our thinking and its vary important to change our thinking pattern after a

sound therapy session .